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Year round gardening in Northwest Iowa


ORANGE CITY —After four years, Joel and Mandi Dolieslager of Orange City are reaping the fruits of their labor gardening in the snow.

“I saw a guy on YouTube talking about a greenhouse in the snow, and we decided to go for it,” Mandi said.

Growing up in California, Mandi was eager for any opportunity to grow healthy, organic food for her family year-round, and this idea provided her the chance.
In 2020, the family hired Aalbers Excavating to dig out a space, and the Doliestead was born.

Russ Finch is the original designer of the concept. Creator of the Greenhouse in the Snow, Finch lives in Alliance, Neb. Over 35 years, he designed and perfected greenhouses using low-grade geothermal to produce citrus, fruits, vegetables, and many flowers all year round, the model the Dolieslagers use today.

“It is really a work in process,” Mandi said. Each growing season, she is learning and figuring out what works best in the greenhouse and what and how to grow the different varieties of fruits and vegetables, all with the goal of providing 80 percent of her family’s food growing from home.

The 96 by 17 enclosure is a 9b growing zone naturally occurring in California, southern Texas, and Florida.

Currently, the greenhouse is growing lemons, figs, various herbs, peas, beets, lettuce, and other leafy greens, and all are ready to pick and eat today.

The Dolieslagers have a second greenhouse, a 60 by 20 cold shed that is a 5b and filled with trees that go dormant in the winter.

In the front of their home, they created a canopy growing system. “Out front of our house, we have a food forest, using permaculture practices, layering…


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